Booking Form & T&C's Below...


. Unless otherwised agreed

. Arrival time for band at venue is 8pm

. Setup time is 30 to 40 minutes approximately

. The band will play for up to two & a half hours with a break

. Finish time for band is 12 midnight

. The DJ (if booked) will play for a further two hours

. Finish time for DJ is 2am

. Ultrasound will supply all necessary sound and lighting equipment.

. Early set up if required will incur a fee

. The fee is payable in cash only on the night and will be collected before starting.

. Ultrasound will contact you approximately one week before the date to finalise details.

. Should you need to cancel booking deposit is not refundable.

. A cancellation fee may apply: 50% of fee if you cancel within six months of date.

. If we resell date no cancellation fee will apply.

. Once your signed booking form is accepted by the band, the band are booked

. If your date should change the band will endeavor to accommodate this change, however if we have a prior . engagement this may not be possible and the cancellation fee as set out above will apply

. The cast of the show may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control (weather/illness etc.) however we will always endeavor to have all band members present at your event.

Please press Sumit button above as acceptance of these terms & conditions;